Marlene is a tai chi instructor accredited with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

She has a background in martial arts and a strong interest in health promotion.

A former journalist and communications professional, Marlene worked for a decade as a publicist for health and medical researchers at The University of Queensland (UQ).

“My experience learning taekwondo and the health knowledge gained at UQ, seem to have led me to this particular brand of tai chi,” Marlene said.

“I started tai chi after tearing a disc doing yoga and found it excellent for relaxation and stress relief, as well as kind to my back.

“My classmates often discussed the many different benefits they experienced so when I learnt that Tai Chi for Health was developed by a doctor (and tai chi expert) in collaboration with other health professionals, it gave me even greater confidence in this form of tai chi.

With Dr Lam (Sydney 2016 Workshop)
Marlene met Tai Chi for Health developer Dr Paul Lam during a Sydney workshop in January. 

“After a few years, and with the encouragement of my wonderful teacher Barbara Holgate, I decided to become an instructor,” she said.

“There are so many benefits that participants gain from the Tai Chi for Health program and this makes it wonderfully rewarding to teach.

“The thing I hear often from participants is –  ‘I wish I had started tai chi years ago!’.

“So if you are thinking about going to a class, do it now!”