About Tai Chi for Health

Tai Chi for Health is a safe, effective and easy-to-learn program developed by Dr Paul Lam – an Australian-trained family doctor and tai chi expert.

The first program – for arthritis – was developed in 1998. Since then, Dr Lam and his collaborators have created other  programs that have helped millions of people.

Proven benefits

Medical studies have shown these programs improve health and quality of life.

Many organisations including the Arthritis Foundation of America, Australia and Singapore; Osteoporosis Australia; Arthritis Care, UK; universities and governments from different countries support one or all of these programs.

In 2013, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.gov) recommended Dr Lam’s Tai Chi for Arthritis program for Fall Prevention.

Is it safe for me?

Safety is a key focus of the Tai Chi for Health program and instructors undergo specialised training to ensure they have the health knowledge and teaching skills required. Regular updates are necessary to maintain accreditation.

It is always best to ask your doctor before you start any exercise program. Some information for your doctor is provided here.

Find out more about Dr Lam and Tai Chi for Health at the Tai Chi for Health Institute website.

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